cover-babymanagement-for-menBaby Management for Men is the new approach to inspire men to really take up the challenge of fatherhood. In this unique guide book the young father is the manager who is going to develop a very special ‘product’: his own baby. The book thoroughly answers all questions dads (to be) ask themselves:

  • Financial planning: How much is raising my kid going to cost me?
  • Input: How do I feed the baby?
  • Output: And change his diaper?
  • Automation: Where do I find the best baby phone? And the best baby app?
  • Communication: How do I understand what he is crying about?
  • Planning: How do I find a balance between my work and my personal life?
  • Profit: Will my investment in fatherhood increase my happiness?

Developed in the Netherlands, the country with the world’s happiest kids (UNICEF 2007), Baby Management is the book to discover the pleasure and challenges of fatherhood. It’s fun, no-nonsense and based on the latest scientific research. Written in a language many men will appreciate – even approved by men who hate to read.

In Holland, Baby Management has become the authoritative guide for men becoming fathers, selling 35.000 copies. This fall, Baby Management will be published in Germany by Droemer Verlag and in the UK by Pinter & Martin. Also interested in acquiring rights for publication of Baby Management and the books listed below? Click here for contact details.

PregMancoverPregnancy management is the must-have guide for men becoming dads. The book presents the new father as a manager who faces a most challenging task: to manage the merge of his life. Surviving pregnancy hormones, cost-control and juggling work and family – Pregnancy Management gives men sound advice from month to month. Interested in acquiring rights? Click here for contact details.

EngelseIVcovers.inddToddlers aren’t babies and they aren’t children, not just yet. Living in a state of what seems like a permanent crisis, they long for their baby comfort zone and fight to grow up. Toddler Management gives both parents the tools and the insights on how to manage the crucial toddler years. The Dutch edition will be published in June 2011. Interested in acquiring rights? Click here for contact details.