the-times logo 140‘The must-have manual for new fathers’ Read full review of The Times

bbc logo 130‘It tells you to be a practical father in really plain and unvarnished language’

menshealth‘The no-nonsense approach to fatherhood’

knutpankrath‘Viel Inhalt, verspielt und trotzdem nicht ohne einen gewissen Ernst dargeboten’

babyguide-logo‘Keine Frage bleibt offen’
metro‘Very cool to read about babies this way’
viva‘A bible for dads’

flair‘Do men like this approach? Absolutely!’

MT_logo‘This is a language men can relate to’


huismannen‘A breakthrough in the literature about babycare’


Het_Parool‘Hanssen shows fathers the way in nappyland’

‘Henk Hanssen’s Baby Management for men is an awesome book! The way it’s written irks me (manager’s lingo and acting like the baby is a product), but the information and the way it’s presented is invaluable. I tore through this book in five hours and learnt boatloads! :)’
Thomas Sluyter, aka Cailin Coilleach at